Instagram Said To Bring AI Chatbots 30 AI Personalities

Instagram said to bring AI Chatbots 30 AI personalities

Instagram said to bring AI Chatbots 30 AI personalities

Instagram is allegedly working on incorporating AI chatbots into its messaging system, according to a recent leak from app researcher Alessandro Paluzzi.

The leaked images suggest that users will have access to AI agents, also known as bots, that can answer questions and provide advice. To add a personalized touch, Instagram users will be able to choose from a selection of 30 different AI personalities. These chatbots may also assist users in composing messages.

Instagram has yet to comment on the leaked information. In addition to the AI chatbot rumors, there are speculations that Instagram is developing a Twitter competitor called Barcelona, a standalone app that integrates with Instagram. However, the company has neither confirmed nor denied these rumors.

The incorporation of AI tools into the platform is nothing new because the site’s parent company, Meta, has been actively employing generative AI technology in many elements of its business, such as advertising, for quite some time.

To recall, AI Sandbox, a new tool recently released by Meta, was designed to let advertisers create different versions of advertisements as well as image-related features.

Overall, Instagram’s potential introduction of AI chatbots aims to provide users with a more interactive and engaging experience within the platform’s messaging feature. We should know more about the development in the coming months.