Instagram Rolls Out In App Post Scheduling

Meta’s Instagram is adding two new capabilities to its platform that will benefit content creators. The company is releasing the most requested content scheduling tools, as well as new Achievements, to reward artists for the time and effort they put into their Reels.

Professional accounts will be able to schedule Reels, photo, and carousel posts for up to 75 days using Instagram’s new scheduling options. This is an extremely welcome feature that is about to be rolled out. Before submitting content, hit “Advanced Settings” to access scheduling features.

Furthermore, Instagram is now globally testing “Achievements” features. This will allow producers to obtain achievements according to certain actions taken when building Reels. Creators can currently unlock three achievements: Collaborator, Trendspotter, and Creative Streak.

Creators can earn achievements by collaborating with other creators, engaging with their community, and joining the conversation by using trendy music or effects. By tapping menu options on any Reel, the creator would be able to track their achievements and look at forecasts.