Instagram And Messenger Get Avatar Video Call

Instagram And Messenger Get Avatar Video Call

Instagram And Messenger Get Avatar Video Call

Meta has introduced exciting new features for Instagram and Messenger, allowing users to engage in video calls and express themselves using avatars. These features enhance communication and personalization without the need for being camera-ready.

Real-Time Avatar Video Calls

Users can now participate in video calls using their avatars, creating an animated experience where friends can interact without seeing each other directly.

By switching to their virtual selves during a call, users can enjoy a lifelike representation of themselves, mimicking their facial movements. You can access this feature on both Android and iOS devices through Messenger and Instagram.

Animated Avatar Stickers

Meta has indeed launched animated avatar stickers for Instagram and Facebook, which can be used in Stories, Reels, comments, and private messages on both Messenger and Instagram. These stickers add a fun and dynamic touch to your conversations and posts, allowing you to express yourself in a unique way.

Social Stickers

Avatars can now engage in social activities with the introduction of social stickers. By using @Tagging, users can include friends in Facebook Stories, enabling their avatars to hang out and have shared experiences in the metaverse. Additionally, social stickers can be shared in 1:1 message threads, creating inside jokes and reliving shared moments.

Effortless Avatar Creation

Meta is testing a new feature on Facebook and WhatsApp that allows users to create avatars quickly and easily. By taking a live selfie, the platform generates suggested avatar options within seconds.

Users can then personalize and choose the avatar that best represents them. Meta plans to refine and improve this feature over time to provide users with even more options.

Unified Avatar Looks

To enhance consistency across platforms, Meta is standardizing the appearance of avatars. Your avatar will now have a more realistic look, aligning with your representation on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp. This change allows you to showcase your style effectively, without any distracting discrepancies.

Collaborations and Styles

Meta continues to collaborate with popular brands to bring new looks to avatars. This summer, the Avatars Store will feature six Valentino outfits and a pair of Valentino Garavani VLogo Signature earrings. The collection showcases the brand’s iconic Pink PP color and Valentino Toile Iconographe patterns.

Additionally, Meta is partnering with Capcom to offer styles inspired by various characters in Street Fighter 6. Furthermore, in anticipation of the summer soccer matches, Meta will release the home and away kits of the US Women’s National team.

Announcing the update, Meta posted:

Avatars provide a window into the potential for self-expression in the metaverse, with their fashionable and fun nature. Keep an eye out for more updates on Meta Avatars as we strive to make them even more enjoyable and practical.