Indian developer Asmi Jain wins WWDC23 Swift Student Challenge

Indian developer Asmi Jain wins WWDC23 Swift Student Challenge

Indian developer Asmi Jain wins WWDC23 Swift Student Challenge

Apple has announced three first-time winners of its Swift Student Challenge, ahead of the WWDC23. In a remarkable achievement, Asmi Jain, an Indian student, emerged as one of the three winners of the challenge along with Marta Michelle Caliendo and Yemi Agesin.

The Swift Student Challenge is an annual competition organized by Apple during the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). Hailing from India, Asmi represents the country’s thriving tech talent and serves as an inspiration for aspiring developers across the nation.

This program is intended to provide young developers with an opportunity to showcase their coding abilities and creative projects. The challenge encourages participants to create interactive playgrounds, applications, or other software using Swift, Apple’s programming language.

Swift Student Challenge winners enjoy numerous rewards. First, they receive a special invitation to WWDC and can network with industry leaders, attend instructive sessions, and learn about Apple’s latest tech at this event. Winners receive an Apple developer membership, a unique WWDC jacket, and other Apple items.

Indian Girl Asmi Jain wins at WWDC23 Swift Student Challenge

Asmi Jain’s winning entry in the Swift Student Challenge at WWDC23 is an eye-tracking playground that uses eye movements to train eye muscles.

Jain hopes to make the software user-friendly and functional before launching it on the software Store, inspired by her friend’s uncle and driven by a desire to positively touch others with various eye diseases.

Her ultimate goal is to improve the app so that it can strengthen all face muscles and be used as a therapeutic tool.

Jain’s interest in using coding to solve healthcare problems derives from her volunteer work and the creation of a supportive coding forum at her institution. Jain finds motivation and joy in her coding activities by creating meaningful solutions for others.

Regarding this, Asmi Jain, Student at Medi-Caps University, Indore said,

It was important for me to create an app playground that could positively impact the lives of people like him. My next goal is to get feedback and make sure it’s effective and user-friendly, and then release it on the App Store. Ultimately, I want to expand it so that it helps strengthen all of the muscles in the face, and I hope it can one day serve as a therapy tool that people like my friend’s uncle can use at their own pace.

When you feel as though you’re part of something bigger, it motivates you and drives you to do better. Coding lets me create things that help my friends and my community. And it gives me a sense of independence that is very empowering.