HTC Teases New Smartphone VIVERSE Platform

HTC Teases New Smartphone VIVERSE Platform

HTC is expected to release a smartphone soon, and the company has started teasing about it. A recent tweet from the brand confirms a smartphone arrival that’s built alongside the VIVERSE platform, which should make it special.

If you’re not familiar, the HTC Vive brand created the virtual reality concept Viverse. VIVERSE is a metaverse world that will offer an immersive, boundless realm of fantastic new experiences as well as a seamless bridge to other virtual universes.

In an effort to expand their platform, HTC introduced the Desire 22 Pro as their first smartphone with VIVERSE last year. The phone appeared to be identical to any other mid-range phone with typical features. The Desire 22 Pro, on the other hand, came with a number of VR-related applications.

We can expect the brand to take a similar strategy with its upcoming smartphone as well. The teaser video just shows the smartphone’s exterior design and the HTC and VIVERSE branding.

The teased smartphone, however, is presumed to be the HTC U23 Pro based on the Geekbench listing. This smartphone showed up on Geekbench in April, revealing Snapdragon 7 Gen 1 SoC, 12 GB of RAM and Android 13 OS. Other details about the U23 Pro are unclear.

More details, including the release date of the new HTC VIVERSE phone, should be available in the following weeks.