Google To Drop Support For Dropcam Owners Nest Aware Subscription Get A Free Nest Cam

Google’s Nest acquired home surveillance company Dropcam in 2014, before introducing its own Nest cameras in 2015. After 10 years, Google has announced that it will stop support for Dropcam from April 8, 2024.

Google said that it is challenging to continue to update these products given the early hardware as the reason for dropping the support.

Dropcam will stop working from April 8, 2024

Until April 8, 2024, all thee current features will remain available, so owners can continue the Dropcam. Starting April 8, 2024, Dropcam will no longer work, and the Nest app will not show the status of the Dropcam, view live streams, notifications, or change settings.

What will happen to Nest Aware subscription?

Nest Aware subscription will not automatically be cancelled. If the Nest Aware subscription covers all the devices in your home, it will continue to work with any other Nest cameras.

If you have a first-generation Nest Aware subscription, you will need to cancel your subscription at It can be cancelled through the Google Home app if it’s linked to a Google account.

Your video history will no longer be available as of April 8, 2024. To keep any videos from your Dropcam, you can download and save them before that.

Dropcam owners with Nest Aware subscription get a free Nest Cam

Google is also mailing Dropcam owners with Nest Aware subscription that were active in the last 28 days that they will get a complimentary Nest Cam. If they have two or more active Dropcams, they can redeem the offer for up to two wired Nest Cams. The offer is automatically applied at checkout.

Those who have Dropcam, but don’t have an active Nest Aware subscription are getting a 50% discount coupon on the Nestcam. This offer runs till May 7, 2024, so users still have one more year to claim it.

Nest Secure will also stop working from April 8, 2024

In 2020, Google announced a long-term strategic partnership between Google and ADT, a leading US security and home automation provider. Google has announced that it will also stop support for Nest Secure.

Users will get an exclusive offer for a Self Setup System from ADT worth up to $485 for free or $200 Google Store coupon.

Works with Nest will also be discontinued

After extending the support for Works with Nest for the last few years, Google has confirmed that it will end Works with Nest as of September 29, 2023. Until that date, all current Works with Nest connections will remain active.

Starting September 29, those connections will no longer work, and you will lose access to them. In the coming months, Google will offer a script editor for those who want to create advanced home automations that will offer new features and capabilities.

Google said that it is also working closely with its partners to provide replacement integrations where possible.