Google Takes Legal Action Stop Fake Review Scams

Google takes legal action stop fake review scams

Google takes legal action stop fake review scams

Google is taking action against scammers who use fake reviews and listings to deceive and exploit consumers. In order to protect businesses and consumers, Google has launched a consumer protection case against a bad actor engaged in fraudulent operations. This case serves as a warning that Google will not tolerate product misuse.

The targeted individual orchestrated a coordinated campaign, creating over 350 fraudulent Business Profiles and bolstering them with more than 14,000 fake reviews.

Additionally, they attempted to profit by selling information about unsuspecting consumers. While Google promptly detected and removed the deceptive content, the company is now taking proactive legal action to prevent this bad actor from scamming other platforms and to safeguard its users.

Fake reviews have real-world consequences, as consumers rely on trustworthy information to make purchasing decisions. A survey by the Federal Trade Commission revealed that consumers waste an average of $125 each year due to inaccurate reviews.

To combat scammers, Google employs a combination of human monitoring and technological tools to detect and remove fraudulent content. In 2022 alone, the company protected over 185,000 businesses from abuse attempts and thwarted 20 million efforts to create fake Business Profiles.

Regarding the matter, Renny Hwang, Google’s Head of Litigation, said,

We work to stay ahead of scammers and protect small businesses by closely monitoring 24/7 for fraudulent content on our products, using a combination of people and technology.

We’ll continue to prioritize trust and safety for both businesses and consumers through proactive litigation and investing in technology to ensure information across our platforms is reliable.