Google Rolls Out Primetime Channels on YouTube in U.S.

Starting today, YouTube users can sign up for Primetime Channels and watch TV, movies, and sports from 30+ streaming services. It’s possible YouTube has everything from creative videos to Oscar-winning blockbusters and episodes of your favourite series.

Primetime Channels on YouTube

  • Users will be able to purchase over 30 channels straight from YouTube, with streaming services such as NBA League Pass and others arriving soon on Primetime Channels.
  • Sign up, browse, and watch your favourite TV shows, movies, and sports from streaming services like SHOWTIME®, STARZ, Paramount+, AMC+, ViX+, and others right on YouTube with Primetime Channels!
  • Primetime Channels adds even more entertainment that you won’t want to miss to our library of thousands of movies and episodes available for rent or purchase, or for free with advertising.

The homepages of Primetime Channels will showcase episodes and movies with curated trailers, behind-the-scenes videos, and cast interviews. When looking for things you’ve bought, you should be able to find them easily in the search results, right next to videos from your favourite producers.

YouTube recommendations will also include programming from Primetime Channels, giving you a curated selection of material across YouTube that appeals to all of your interests. Earlier, YouTube got separate tabs for videos, shorts, and live videos.

Furthermore, the company promises that streaming services such as NBA League Pass and others will be available soon. And it says that you will keep control of your accounts and be able to choose what to do with them. You can also manage them all in one place.


The Primetime Channels on YouTube are readily accessible by users in the U.S. beginning today. Users can sign up at the Movies & TV portal, where YouTube offers over 30 channels. After signing up, Primetime Channel content will appear on YouTube.

Announcing the launch, Erin Teague, Director of Product Management, YouTube, said,

Primetime Channels adds even more content that you just can’t miss to our collection of thousands of movies and shows available for rent or purchase, or for free with ads.

We’ll continue working with our partners to bring even more content options to Primetime Channels, build new unique features that only YouTube can deliver, and expand to our international users, so please let us know what you’d like to see next!