Google Play Updates Policy To Allow Blockchain NFT Apps

Google Play Updates Policy To Allow Blockchain NFT Apps

Google Play Updates Policy To Allow Blockchain NFT Apps

Google has updated its policy to enable new ways of conducting transactions for blockchain-based digital content in apps and games on Google Play. These changes are intended to foster creative in-app experiences and assist developers in expanding their businesses.

User Protection and Transparent Practices

Google’s updated policy prioritizes user trust as blockchain technology evolves. Apps and games must now transparently inform users about tokenized digital assets. For instance, if an app sells or enables users to earn tokenized assets, developers are required to clearly disclose this information.

Additionally, to safeguard users, developers are prohibited from promoting or glamorizing potential earnings from playing or trading activities.

Ensuring Compliance with Real-Money Gambling Policy

In line with Google Play’s Real-Money Gambling, Games, and Contests policy, apps that do not meet gambling eligibility requirements cannot accept money for the chance to win assets of unknown real-world monetary value, including NFTs.

Developers are required to refrain from offering purchases where the value of the NFTs received is not clear at the time of purchase, including mechanisms such as ‘loot boxes’ that provide random blockchain-based items.

Google acknowledges that the success of Google Play relies on the success of its partners. The updated guidelines were developed in close consultation with app and game developers, incorporating their valuable feedback to provide ongoing support for their businesses.

Future Opportunities and Continued Engagement

Looking ahead, Google expresses its commitment to engaging with developers to understand their challenges and opportunities better. The company aims to provide optimal support for building sustainable businesses using blockchain technology.

Google has also announced ongoing discussions with industry partners to enhance support for blockchain-based app experiences, including exploring possibilities in secondary markets.

Announcing the updates, Joseph Mills, Group Product Manager, Google Play, said:

As a platform, Google is committed to assisting developers in bringing their innovative ideas to life. Google Play already hosts various blockchain-related apps, and the company recognizes that its partners are eager to enhance these offerings, creating more engaging and immersive digital experiences with tokenized digital assets like NFTs. While encouraging innovation, Google emphasizes the importance of balancing it with user protection.