Google Play Store’s New Updates Let Developers Reach More Users

Google has unveiled new capabilities that will assist developers in reaching more Play Store users, defending apps from orchestrated review attacks, and more. In order to give more emphasis to higher-quality games, Google is indeed introducing a new “app quality bar” for the Play Store. Google also announced expansion of Play Games beta on PC to more countries.

Supporting and rewarding great apps and games on Google Play

Google is creating new ways to promote and support high-quality titles throughout their lifecycle, from acquisition and engagement through retention and reacquisition. Over the next few months, it’ll add your important events, content, and offers to Google Play.

  • LiveOps lets selected titles directly approach users with offers, debuts, and events. New high-impact placements and formats for your content on Google Play are coming soon.
  • LiveOps will be renamed “Promotional Content” as new content kinds are added to properly reflect the variety of content you can contribute. It will also add more developers and content to promote a lot of games next year.

Reactivating former players is another crucial lifecycle step. Churned-user custom store listings will let you convey a different story to people who tried and uninstalled your apps or games later this year.

Raising the bar on technical quality

To give more emphasis to better-quality games, Google is releasing a new “app quality bar” for the Play Store. Additionally, Google wants to reward app creators by increasing the visibility of their products on the Play Store.

In order to achieve this, the business is introducing new quality standards for apps that will aid developers in maximizing visibility on the platform.
Low-quality apps will be removed from “impactful discovery surfaces like recommendations,” giving higher precedence to apps that fulfil the new requirements.

To help customers decide whether to download a certain app, some low-quality apps will also include a warning on their store listing.

Flexible and powerful commerce platform

Google claims it upgraded its commerce platform this year, including a better buying experience, greater subscription flexibility and control, and additional monetization insights and programmes to help you increase revenue.

It boosted child or family member account buying flow. Parents or the “family manager” can now buy for their child without a family payment method. Google will now notify the family manager when a family member makes a purchase in your app without using a family payment method. which lets the family manager pay using gift cards.

Google Play Safe with New Features and Programs

Finally, to improve Play Store developer experiences, Google is increasing its safety programmes and standards. New Play Integrity API capabilities will safeguard apps from dangerous traffic and coordinated review attacks. Google established a time gap for Play Store ratings and reviews to achieve a similar aim.

Google is “increasing tests on direct phone assistance and removal of enforcement strikes” and giving developers more ways to talk about and learn about Play Store policies.


Google will be rolling out changes to Google Play and Google Play Console in the coming months that will incorporate your key events, content, and offers throughout the Google Play experience.

Announcing the updates, Alex Musil, Director of Product, Google Play, said:

We’re developing new ways to promote and support high-quality titles throughout the entire lifecycle, from acquisition and engagement to retention and reacquisition. We’ve always been committed to making Google Play a place for developers to build successful businesses, while helping users safely find high-quality content to enjoy.

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