Google Patent Hints Automatic Flight Mode Activation

Google’s Patent Hints Automatic Flight Mode Activation

Google Patent Hints Automatic Flight Mode Activation

Google has recently patented an advanced technology that revolutionizes the way portable devices function during flights. This was first reported by ParkiFly and David (@xleaks7).

With this advancement, passengers no longer need to manually activate flight mode or be asked by flight attendants to switch off their devices.

Google’s automatic flight mode patent

The technology seamlessly detects when a passenger boards an aircraft and automatically switches their smartphones, laptops, and tablets to a connected flight mode. The current flight mode poses limitations by disabling all wireless connections, including cellular networks, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth.

However, Google’s patent addresses this issue by optimizing the settings based on available services. It enables selective configurations of network connections, ensuring compatibility with in-flight services such as Wi-Fi. Google’s technology utilizes various triggers to modify wireless connections and applications, enhancing the in-flight experience.

By considering environmental factors, cabin sounds, airplane beacons, radio signals, and contextual factors, the technology intelligently adjusts settings. It can disable automatic backups, background application refresh, and updates to ensure a seamless journey.

The patented technology supports different wireless connections like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. It intelligently adjusts Wi-Fi settings based on network quality, guaranteeing a reliable connection. To preserve battery life, it may automatically disconnect after a certain period.

Once passengers disembark, the technology seamlessly switches devices back to normal mode, reactivating cellular connections and restoring standard settings. With its intelligent adaptation to the aviation environment, this technology promises a more convenient and enjoyable experience during flights.