Google Lens Adds Skin Condition Detection

Google Lens adds Skin condition detection Bard integration more

Google Lens adds Skin condition detection Bard integration more

Google has introduced several new features for Lens, including the ability to search for skin conditions. Lens, a visual search tool available on the Google app for Android and iOS, receives over 12 billion visual searches every month, says Google.

Here are the latest features of Google Lens:

Identify and learn about unfamiliar objects: Lens can recognize buildings, landmarks, plants, and animals, providing information and links for further exploration.

Search for visually similar skin conditions: Take a picture or upload a photo of a skin issue, and Lens will find visual matches to assist in researching similar conditions. This feature can also help with describing other physical symptoms.

Translate text in over 100 languages: Use the Translate filter in Lens to capture and translate text from signs, menus, and more. The translation is overlaid directly on your phone screen.

Get step-by-step homework help: Snap a picture of a math, history, or science problem, and Lens will provide instructions to help you solve it. The feature supports multiple languages for search results.

Shop for products you find interesting: Take a screenshot or use Lens to capture an item you want to buy, and it will provide shoppable matches with links to purchase from online merchants.

Find variations of desired products: With Multisearch in Lens, combine images and words to find specific versions of products. For example, search for shoes in a particular color or find a pattern for your curtains.

Discover nearby food options: Use Multisearch to find restaurants near you that serve a dish you want to try. Simply show Lens an image of the dish and add “near me” to your search.

Unleash creativity with Lens + Bard: Partner with Bard, an AI collaboration experiment, to explore visual concepts and ideas. Lens can help Bard understand images and provide relevant information, allowing you to delve deeper into your creative journey.

Regarding the new features, Lou Wang, Senior Director, Product Management, Google Search, said:

Lens empowers you to search the visual world around you effortlessly, now including the exciting capability to search for skin conditions. With Lens, simply use your camera to search what you see, whether it’s capturing a photo, taking a screenshot, or long-pressing an image while browsing. Instantly, a myriad of visual results await, inviting you to explore and discover.