Google Introduces AR Shopping For Beauty Products And Shoes

Google has announced AR (augmented reality) shopping features, like a photo library to help you choose the right foundation shade and the ability to virtually try on sneakers in your own home. Recently, Google Search got a more visual experience as well. Let’s check out the newly announced features in detail, below:

Find your foundation match

A new AR shopping function that Google introduced makes it much simpler to discover the right foundation match. Our new photo collection, which was created with the help of cosmetic businesses, has 148 models with a variety of skin tones, ages, genders, face shapes, ethnicities, and skin types.

This library, powered by Google technology, is a significant step toward transforming how people buy makeup online by making it easier for you to see how various products will look on you.

Here’s how it works

Use Google to find a foundation shade across a range of costs and manufacturers, such as “Clinique Even Better Foundation.” To help you choose the one that works best for you, you’ll see how that foundation looks on models with skin tones comparable to your own, including before and after photos. Simply choose a merchant to buy it from once you’ve found one you like.

Google says that foundation pictures on models don’t always reflect buyers’ variety, and sometimes you can only find packaging images. This makes finding the right shade and product difficult. More than 60% of online beauty consumers have decided not to buy an item because they didn’t know what hue to choose, and 41% have returned an item because it was the wrong shade.

Try out products in 3D and AR

Google is helping customers find more things using 3D and AR. Like our AR home product offering, you can now shop for sneakers using AR. Starting today, you can spin, zoom, and see shoes in your area to decide if the colour, lace, tread, or sole fits your style.

Users can start looking at products from Saucony, VANS, and Merrell right now, and more will be coming soon. It was also stated that any brand with 3D assets for shoes or home goods can now participate. Just search for a sneaker type, like “Shop blue VANS sneakers,” and click “View in my space.”

Brands have a significant opportunity with 3D imaging, which shoppers engage with 50% more than static. Google revealed in September that it is investing in new technologies to create 3D shoe models, a time-consuming and costly process for businesses.

Google says visiting a store can’t be replaced. However, these features can help you get there when you can’t. It will continue to make online shopping more lifelike, so you can purchase with confidence and feel like you’re there.

Speaking on the announcement, Danielle Buckley, Director of Product, Consumer Shopping, said:

There’s something special about shopping in a store: the lights, the scents, the music. While we can’t experience all those little details when we shop online, we’re making big improvements to AR shopping on Google to bring the most important part of a store — the product — to life.