Google introduces AI Powered Magic Photos Editor Tool

Google introduces AI powered Magic Photos Editor tool

At its I/O event, Google revealed Magic Editor, an innovative editing tool that leverages generative AI to help you transform your photos and simplify your editing process.

Magic Editor with AI

The new experimental editing experience called Magic Editor aims to simplify the photo editing process for everyone. This tool employs a combination of advanced AI techniques, including generative AI, to make complex edits without requiring pro-level editing skills.

With Magic Editor, you can now edit specific parts of an image, such as the subject, sky, or background, to achieve the final look and feel you desire.

Improve Composition with Magic Editor

One of the key features of Magic Editor is that it can help you improve the composition of your photo. By allowing you to reposition the subject of your shot, you can make sure that the framing is just right.

For instance, if you have a photo of a popular waterfall, you can remove unwanted objects or adjust the sky’s brightness to match your memory of the day. You can also relocate and resize your subject to create the perfect shot.

Fill in the Gaps with Generative AI

Using Magic Editor, you can create new content to fill in the gaps after repositioning your subject.

For example, if you have a photo of a boy’s birthday, you can use the power of generative AI to create more of the bench and balloons to fill in those gaps. These new elements will blend seamlessly into your photo, creating a more complete and polished look.


Google has revealed that a limited number of Pixel phones will receive early access to Magic Editor later this year. It also shared that user feedback will play a vital role in enhancing it over time, so you can get the best edits possible for your photos.

Speaking on the announcement, Shimrit Ben-Yair, Vice President, Google Photos & Google One, said:

AI has made photo editing easier and more fun, letting you improve your memories and get creative with your edits. You all edit 1.7 billion photos each month in Google Photos. Magic Editor will elevate the editing experience, and we are excited to see how you transform your photos into something more amazing and personal to you.