Google India Announces Improvements To Internet Safety

Google today launched a wide, multi-faceted effort to safeguard people from online damage through a variety of new programs, projects, collaborations, and investments in India, citing cybersecurity as one of the top concerns confronting the world.

Google says it’s emphasizing cybersecurity skills, investing in user awareness, and assisting local community organizations to reach high-risk internet users in their preferred languages.

“Our 20,000-person worldwide Trust & Safety division continues to strengthen defenses against fraud, improve information quality across products and services, and integrate new safety features,” said the company. Google recently rolled out search results with helpful content updates.


Cyber skilling roadshow to reach over 100,000 participants

It will launch a multi-city cybersecurity roadshow for startups, developers, and IT pros. To help with this, a cybersecurity curriculum will be added to the Android & Cloud Series for Startups, the annual DevFest for 15,000 developers, and other workshops.

A multilingual awareness campaign for safe transactions

Digital fraud may be fought with user awareness. Google will carry out a pan-India, multilingual user awareness campaign with backing from HDFC Bank, Axis Bank, Kotak Mahindra Bank, Airtel, SBI, and ICICI. The advertisement emphasizes basic steps to avoid fraud and phishing attempts. The marketing partners will promote these measures via websites, apps, SMS, and ATMs, says the firm.

$2 million grants to support nonprofit work in online safety outreach to high-risk communities will also help the organization Point of View expand TechSakhi, India’s first digital safety helpline for women and LGBTQIA+ internet users. The grant will help generate regional language material, trial new outreach methods, and improve user education. TechSakhi will offer helplines in Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, and Tamil in six states. is providing financial support from the Collective Good Foundation (CGF) to local NGOs to conduct outreach activities for these vulnerable communities in their preferred languages to over 900,000 individuals with a curriculum, content, and resources in English and four Indian languages, including Hindi, Bengali, Telugu, and Marathi.

  • HelpAge India grants permission to train 50,000 seniors on internet safety.
  • Partnered with Sheroes to produce a 10-part online safety video series.
  • This on-demand programme focuses on online safety basics, including password protection, avoiding strange emails and hazardous sites, and more.


A technology toolkit in the arsenal for keeping children safe online

Google established ProtectingChildren to keep kids safe online. Bengali, Hindi, and Tamil Google websites. Google provides qualifying partners with a free child safety toolbox that includes the Content Safety API and CSAI Match to battle harmful content.

These technologies are used by Google’s global partners to process billions of files every year and check millions of photos and videos for misuse. The company hopes that putting the site up in Indian languages will make more Indian NGOs and organizations want to work together.

Shri Abhishek Singh, President & CEO, NeGD and MyGov, MD & CEO, Digital India Corporation, said,

A cybersecure India is vital to achieve the transformational vision of Digital India – empowering every section of society and strengthening the country’s global stature as a nation, fast becoming a knowledge economy. As more and more citizens become included into the digital economy and derive the benefit of direct access to payments and transfer which are crucial to their progress and prosperity, we have been consciously creating infrastructure, capabilities, and programs that protect our citizens and our country from cyber threats.

Investing in building a nation-wide consciousness among citizens on cybersafety has been a key aspect of our efforts and we are very pleased that Google has collaborated with us on several of these initiatives. We are happy to strengthen our collaboration by supporting the new and timely efforts being launched today and look forward to their continued contribution to create a Cybersafe India.