Google For India 2022 Highlights And Product Announcements

At its 8th annual Google for India event, Google talked about its progress on building AI-powered and India-first innovations that take advantage of the country’s unique opportunities. Also displayed were upcoming product changes and other information. It also announced plans for brining Courses to YouTube in India.

Natural and intuitive ways for people to search

With ‘Google suggest With AI’, we can develop search experiences that match how we make sense of the worldnsacross visual, audio, and linguistic channels. People in India are increasingly using their voice to search the web and their phone cameras to learn about their surroundings.

Multisearch – search and explore information visually

Google says Multisearch makes visual search more natural by combining images and words. Simply open the camera in the Google app to take a picture or use a screenshot, then add words to your inquiry. Find out if that shirt’s pattern is available or get the recipe for a new meal.

Multisearch is available in India in English, and next year it will also be available in Hindi and other Indian languages.

Videos are a rich source of visual information in addition to photos, but it can be challenging to discover specific information within a lengthy film. You can now search for anything mentioned in a video directly from Search, thanks to a new tool Google is also testing.

Use the “Search in video” function to quickly locate what you’re searching for by simply entering a search word.

Search experience in Indian languages

Google disclosed We’re making search results pages bilingual for users who use many languages to make searching and exploring information easier. Using machine learning-based translation models and cross-language search technology, it will give you high-quality and relevant material in your native language alongside English results, if you wish.

And added to that, it’s another first-in-India innovation. This feature has already launched in Hindi and will expand to Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, and Bengali next year.

Improving speech recognition technology for Hinglish speakers

Google is addressing India’s voice-language demands, too. Voice-based technologies have transformed India by allowing people to discover information and do tasks online by speaking in their native language. The percentage of Indians who use voice search daily is double the global average, the firm added.

Google also announced a new voice recognition technology that can better grasp Hinglish. It does this by using a novel neural-network-inspired speech recognition algorithm that takes into account the individual’s accent, surrounding sounds, context, and speaking styles.

Piloting a new way to help serve people with non-standard speech

Google says years of research resulted in Project Relate, an app attuned to non-standard speech patterns. It’s piloting the app in India with English users and will add Hindi users in 2023. Google aims to make speech-recognition technologies like Google Assistant more accessible through this project.

Access your authentic documents from Digilocker on Android, in the Files by Google app

In order to provide people with simple access to their legitimate digital documents, Google announced its partnership with the National eGovernment Division (NeGD). This access will be available immediately via the Files by Google app for Android.

This service is built on privacy and security: documents stored in Files by Google are in an isolated environment on your device and can only be accessed with a unique lock screen verification.

Google says it employs a special AI model to scan for and identify crucial documents on your phone, then uses OCR technology and machine learning models to recognize relevant text and compile this information into a quick and simple view. All these models operate offline on a device, and Google can’t access them.

Simply, Tap the new tab in the Files by Google app for Android smartphones in India to access all of your critical papers and information. If you have family documents on your phone, it organizes them, too. Simply tap on the name to get the information.

Deep learning to improve fraud detection in Google Pay

As Google Pay turns five in India, it’s hard to overstate the influence of UPI and digital payments on millions of people who interact online regularly. The safety engine of Google Pay uses new ways to look at the transaction patterns of millions of users as a billion-node graph.

This technology helps identify fraudulent behavior’s and then uses its clever language engine to alert the user in their preferred language. “Sometimes the app will vibrate to catch your attention,” said Google.

In addition, Google Pay is getting a helpful new feature that makes accessing your transaction history simpler than ever, according to Google. Now, you can ask Google Pay queries in natural language, such as “Show me how much I spent on coffee last week.”

Announcing the new updates, the Google India Team shared in its blog post that

“As we head into the next year, we remain committed to putting our technology to work to help even more people across the country. India’s unique approach to embracing digital technology has had transformative effects across society. At Google in India, we are equally honored to build solutions to the challenges and to find ways to help more people share the benefits of using the internet in their daily lives.”