Google Confirms Wear OS 4 Longer Battery life Third Party Watch Face Support For Fall

Google confirms Wear OS 4 longer battery life third party watch face support for fall

During its I/O event, Google provided a glimpse of upcoming features that will enhance the functionality of smartwatches. These features include the ability to check your schedule in Google Calendar and listen to podcasts on Spotify. Additionally, users can personalize their watch by selecting relevant apps and tiles that align with their interests and priorities.

New and upcoming features for Google apps on your smartwatch

With the updated Google Home app, you can now easily view who rang your Nest doorbell through notifications and even unlock your door remotely.

Later this year, you will have access to Google Workspace’s Gmail and Google Calendar. Respond to emails, check your schedule, and manage your tasks with ease.

Check out new controls in the Google Home app
View events in the Google Calendar app
See email previews in the Gmail app

In addition, WhatsApp is launching its first-ever smartwatch app in the coming weeks. You can initiate secure conversations, reply to messages via voice, and answer calls on your Wear OS watch without taking out your phone.

Tiles provide you with information at a glance. Soon, three new Spotify tiles will allow you to play your favorite podcasts, view your frequently listened to tracks, and access Spotify’s DJ-curated music lineup. You can also add the Peloton tile to track your workouts and achieve your fitness goals.

WhatsApp on Wear OS
New Peloton Tile
New Spotify Tiles

Improved Performance and Accessibility with Wear OS 4 Updates

Google remains dedicated to enhancing the performance and security of Wear OS watches, such as the Google Pixel Watch and Samsung Galaxy Watches.

Regular platform updates result in longer battery life and faster processing times. The upcoming Wear OS 4 update, set for release later this year, will offer new accessibility features, including a more efficient text-to-speech experience.

Enhanced Data Transfer and Backup Support

Wear OS 4 will also provide backup and restore support, allowing users to transfer data and settings between watches with greater security. Moreover, if you are setting up a new watch from your phone, the permissions granted on your phone will automatically transfer over.

Simplified Watch Face Design with Watch Face Format

Google has collaborated with Samsung to launch the Watch Face Format. This feature will enable developers and designers to create high-quality, energy-efficient watch faces for Wear OS 4 with ease.

Speaking on the announcement, Bjorn Kilburn, GM and Senior Director, Wear OS, said:

Ever since we overhauled Wear OS a couple of years ago, we’ve seen a significant surge in the number of Wear OS watches available in the market. This has been instrumental in helping people stay connected and productive without having to pull out their phones.

As we unveil a sneak peek of the new features that will be rolling out later this year, we’re excited to help users accomplish even more tasks with their smartwatches. Expect to see these features and much more in the near future, allowing you to personalize your smartwatch to reflect your unique style.