FiiO KA2 Portable DAC Amplifier for Android And iPhone Launched in India

FiiO KA2 Portable DAC Amplifier for Android And iPhone Launched in India

In India, FiiO has launched the powerful and incredibly lightweight USB DAC/AMP KA2 amplifier. The 7th-generation mechanical design of FiiO was used to construct the KA2, which has two CS43131 DAC chips with a completely balanced architecture and a 4.4mm audio interface. Earlier, the FiiO Q3 THX Balanced DAC/Amplifier was launched in India as well.

The KA2 adheres to the industrial design aesthetic and is made entirely of metal with a striking black and gold colour scheme. The FiiO KA2 has been created to be one of your devices’ most portable yet powerful DAC/AMPs, weighing only 12.3g. The FiiO Control App allows users to fine-tune the output using five digital filters and a multi-color ring-shaped RGB LED indicator that indicates different audio bitrates in different colors.

In addition, high SNR and low distortion are achieved because of the KA2’s Dual DAC architecture’s ability to achieve ultra-low distortion. Using DSD256 and lossless PCM audio in 32-bit/385kHz resolution, you can now hear every nuance of the music you’re listening to. The FiiO KA2 is compatible with a variety of platforms, including Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS, in addition to being Hi-Res Audio Certified. It is also offered with USB-C and Lightning connector variants.

Specifications: KA2 Compact Portable DAC and Amplifier

  • Model: KA2
  • Dual CS43131 DAC chips.
  • Five digital filters to choose from.
  • Ring-Shaped RGB indicator.
  • Supports FiiO Control App.
  • Hi-Res audio certified.
  • Size: Fuselage: about 40mm x 15mm x 12mm; Line length: 70mm
  • Audio input interface: Type-C Cable or Lightning
  • Headset output interface: 4.4mm socket
  • Firmware upgrade: The system firmware can be upgraded through USB
  • Sample rate indication: Blue: below 48kHz; Yellow: above 48kHz; Green: DSD
  • Support DSD : DSD64/128/256
  • Compatibility: Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS.
  • Color: Classic Black
  • Weight: About 12.3g
  • Warranty: 1 year

Pricing and availability

The FiiO KA2 DAC/Amplifier is priced at Rs. 6,990 (MRP) and comes with a year’s worth of warranty coverage. It will be offered in classic black. It is available for purchase on the FiiO website for Rs. 5,499.