FIFINE A6V And K651 RGB Microphones Launched in India

FIFINE A6V And K651 RGB Microphones Launched in India

The first-ever RGB USB mics from FIFINE Microphones, the “A6V” and “K651,” are introduced in India. These microphones have quick access to gain knobs, mounts, and pop filters to help you improve your live-streaming abilities, whether you’re doing it for work or for entertainment.

They feature smart and colorful RGB LEDs to match your computer sets that light up. The new RGB mics are made to meet customer audio recording needs with a professional studio-like sound, whether it’s for a studio recording that you’re paying for or casual Insta-YouTube sessions.


FIFINE A6V USB Condenser Microphone

RGB bicolor lights gradiently change seven color modes. It adds a carnival ambiance with light-up computer sets to the game arena. Designed for the microphone gamer, the built-in microphone capsule offers a clear and full sound experience.



  • The Quick Quiet button lets you mute your mic while focusing on the game. When the mic is silenced, the RGB LED turns off.
  • A bottom gain knob is easy to use. If gaming sounds affect your voice, you can adjust your microphone volume. No more shouting or lowering your voice. A thumbscrew on the shock mount lets you tilt the mic for streaming.
  • The plug-and-play gaming mic works with PS4/4Pro/5 desktops and laptops. Simply plug the mic’s Type-C cable into the gaming chat to join. The 6.6ft-long detachable USB cable may reach from the computer host to your mic.
  • Rubber elastic bands attach the mic to the shock mount, reducing keyboard and mouse vibration noise. The shock mount’s pop filter reduces even the smallest pop sounds when gaming. The tripod’s rubber feet keep the mic from moving due to table vibrations.

FIFINE K651 USB Gaming and Recording Vocal Streaming Microphone Set

The FIFINE K651 dynamic microphone kit is for streamers who demand sound quality and aesthetics. It also struggles in podcast recording, especially for a natural tone.



  • A capacitive sensor on the mic offers a one-tap quick mute (shown by 2 red LEDs), so you don’t require software or third-party programmes. The mute button avoids excessive vibration and noise during recording.
  • The USB connection is easy to set up and needs no further equipment or electricity. The mic’s Type-C connector enables robust and smooth transmission, and its USB-A/USB-C output is plug-and-play with PC, PS4, and Mac without adapters. Smartphones and Xbox are incompatible.
  • The microphone’s shock mount reduces movement noise during recording. The shock mount’s thumb screw adjusts the mic angle. The flexible arm mount helps find the right position.
  • The mic’s metal structure makes it excellent for a home studio or on the road. The podcasting bundle includes a shock mount, boom arm, desk clamp, USB cable, screw adaptor, and how-to video.


Pricing and availability

FIFINE Microphones A6V and K651 are priced at an MRP of INR 6,990.00 and INR 7,990.00, respectively, with a 1-year warranty period. The FIFINE Microphones can be purchased from and starting July 2022.