Elista Launches Two 90L Air Coolers in India

Elista launches two 90L Air Coolers in India

Elista, an electrical appliance firm based in the UAE, has announced the release of two new desert coolers to combat the hot weather. Elista Desert Snow Monk and Desert Aurora Cool are two new air coolers with 90-liter capacities.

These have a huge blower, a 35-foot air throw, and run at 1350 rpm with a heavy-duty 100-watt motor. They also include a huge honeycomb cooling pad for additional cooling.

The coolers’ top frames are made of toughened glass, and mosquito and dust filter nets are placed to keep the air fresh and clean. These desert coolers, designed with Indian consumers in mind, are energy efficient and take only 230 watts of power, according to the firm.

Cooling pads, remote control, built-in ice chamber, mosquito, USB charging, power saving, and inverter compatibility are among the other features of the new air coolers. In addition, Elista Desert Snow Monk and Aurora Cool come with a one-year warranty.

Pricing and Availability

The Elista Desert Snow Monk cooler comes in a White and Grey color scheme, while the Desert Aurora Cool comes in a White and Blue color scheme, with prices starting at Rs. 7,899. These are available from retail stores.

Regarding the launch, Pawan Kumar, CEO Elista, said,

Elista has been witnessing robust growth in the cooler segment especially North India has contributed significantly to this growth. Our desert coolers are tailor-made for this kind of summer. They have large-capacity water capacity and offer maximum cooling and uniform airflow. With our desert coolers, consumers can be assured of quick respite from the heat and complete peace of mind. We are expanding our presence in key markets and looking forward to gaining a more significant market share in tier 2 and 3 cities.