DuckDuckGo Browser Neta Windows Released

DuckDuckGo Browser Neta Windows Released

DuckDuckGo Browser Neta Windows Released

DuckDuckGo has announced the public beta release of its Windows browser, which is now available without invite codes or waiting lists. The browser prioritizes privacy, security, and user-friendly features. Developed by DuckDuckGo‘s own engineers, it is not a derivative of any other browser code. It utilizes the underlying operating system rendering API for web page display.

The default privacy protections offered by DuckDuckGo for Windows surpass those of Chrome and most other browsers. The company has addressed specific privacy concerns related to WebView2, ensuring that crash reports are not sent to Microsoft.

The browser includes several built-in privacy features:

  • Duck Player: A YouTube player that eliminates privacy-invading ads and prevents video views from affecting your recommendations.
  • Tracker blocking: Goes beyond what Chrome and other browsers offer, blocking hidden trackers from companies like Google and Facebook on other websites.
  • Smarter Encryption: Enhances encryption on the websites you visit and the links you click compared to other browsers.

  • Cookie Pop-up Management: Automatically selects the most private options available and hides cookie consent pop-ups.
  • Fire Button: Clears recent browsing data in one click, with a “Fireproof” option to stay logged into specific sites.
  • Email Protection: Hides your email address with unique addresses when signing up online.

Currently, the browser does not support extensions, but the company plans to introduce this feature in the future. In the meantime, DuckDuckGo for Windows includes ad-blocking and secure password management functionalities similar to popular extensions.

  • Secure password management: The browser features a secure and user-friendly password manager that remembers and fills in login credentials. It can also suggest secure passwords for new logins. Private syncing across devices, enabling bookmark and password synchronization between different platforms, is in development.
  • Ad blocking: The browser blocks invasive trackers before they load, effectively eliminating ads reliant on intrusive tracking. It also removes the white space left behind by ads, providing a clean and distraction-free browsing experience without external ad blockers.
    DuckDuckGo for Windows has made significant progress and will continue to improve.

The company is actively working on achieving full parity with the Mac browser, including enhancements such as faster startup performance, tab pinning, HTML bookmark import, expanded Fire Button options, and additional privacy features. Private password and bookmark syncing will also be introduced soon.


DuckDuckGo for Windows is now available for download at The company has made switching easy for new users by allowing them to import bookmarks and passwords from other browsers and password managers.