Cinematic Sci Fi Game Fort Solis is Coming to Steam on Mac

Cinematic Sci Fi Game Fort Solis is coming to Steam on Mac

Cinematic Sci Fi Game Fort Solis is coming to Steam on Mac

The highly anticipated cinematic sci-fi adventure game, Fort Solis, developed by Fallen Leaf in collaboration with Dear Villagers, is set to make its debut on Steam for Mac users.

Fort Solis is an atmospheric sci-fi adventure where you step into the shoes of engineer Jack Leary, stranded on a secluded Martian mining base during an ominous night.

As you explore the base’s bunkers, labs, and stormy surface, you’ll uncover clues that reveal the dark secrets haunting its inhabitants. Time is of the essence as events spiral out of control, and you must race against the clock to locate the missing crew members and escape the base.

Powered by Unreal Engine 5, Fort Solis offers a captivating and immersive experience set in the depths of space.

With a talented cast that includes Roger Clark (Red Dead Redemption 2), Troy Baker, and Julia Brown (The Last Kingdom and World on Fire), the game’s hard sci-fi drama unfolds seamlessly, without camera cuts, load times, or HUD distractions. Your decisions in real-time will shape the narrative and uncover the enigmatic forces at play in Fort Solis.


Currently, Fort Solis is set to in Q3 2023 on Steam for Mac users. Players have the opportunity to add the game to their wish list directly from the developer’s website.

Commenting on the announcement, James Tinsdale, Game Director at Fallen Leaf, said:

We are delighted to bring the captivating world of Fort Solis to Mac, expanding our player base and providing a convenient, on-the-go gaming experience. For an optimal immersion, we highly recommend wearing headphones as the chilling sound design of Fort Solis truly sets the mood and adds to the haunting atmosphere.