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BTS Jungkook Returns Home Hobi Hyung ARMY Turns Emotional Believing J Hope’s Enlistment Approaching View Tweets

BTS member Jeon Jungkook aka Jungkook is back home in South Korea after enjoying the Coachella festival and also his schedule in the US. Jungkook had flown to California, US, a couple of days ago for his personal schedule. Fans believed that Jungkook has a collaboration with an American artist coming up. The name of Justin Bieber cropped up. But there are no confirmations on the same. As Jungkook returns, ARMY has turned emotional. They believe that it is now time to say bye to J-Hope. Jung Hoseok aka Hobi is enlisting in the military soon.

Jungkook’s video of returning to South Korea goes viral

Jungkook and J-Hope grabbed headlines in Hollywood News a couple of days ago. Hobi talked about Jungkook adjusting his schedule to see him off as he enlists in the military. Well, the BTS members are enlisting in the military one by one. Jin enlisted in the military in December last year. And BTS’ Jung Hoseok aka J-Hope is going to enlist soon now. And it seems the date is near as Jungkook who was in the US for his schedule has come back. Jungkook was seen bowing down to the media people present and giving hearts to the ARMYS present.

Watch the video of Jungkook of greeting the paparazzi at the airport here:

ARMYs turn emotional believing J-Hope’s enlistment is approaching

Seeing Jungkook back home today has made ARMY emotional. They will now have to see off another member for a couple of months. J-Hope, the sunshine of the boyband is the next to enlist in the military. ARMY are happy to see Jungkook back again and yet are feeling emotional right now. Just a couple of days ago, Hobi revealed that Jungkook adjusted his schedule and will be coming back to see him off as he joins the mandatory military service programme. It is indeed an emotional moment for BTS members, BTS’ family members and also BTS ARMY.

J-Hope has been supporting each member as and how he can while they drop their projects. He is a social butterfly who has been sharing a lot of pictures and posts online for the ARMYs. J-Hope is known to be Instagram savvy. ARMYs will dearly miss the sunshine. If reports are anything to go by, J-Hope might enlist tomorrow.

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