Bose To Use Qualcomm S5 Audio SoCs on its Future Wireless Audio Devices

At the Qualcomm’s IFA event, Bose announced that it will be integrating Qualcomm wireless voice and music platforms across their portfolio of premium earbuds, headphones, speakers and soundbars, broadening their collaboration.

Bose added that it will incorporate Qualcomm S5 Audio SoCs into future wireless audio devices, utilizing powerful processing and low-power capabilities that will offer rich user experiences.

The Qualcomm S5 Audio platform that was announced earlier this year support ultra-low power performance for all-day use and robust high-performance wireless connectivity.


Qualcomm S5 Audio platform

The Qualcomm S5 Sound Platform (QCC517x) support Snapdragon Sound technology, Multipoint Bluetooth wireless connectivity, 3rd Gen Adaptive Active Noise Cancellation, and more.

  • 6-bit 44.1kHz CD Lossless Bluetooth audio quality
  • 24-bit 96kHz high resolution Bluetooth audio quality
  • 32kHz super wideband voice call quality for crystal clear calls
  • Stereo recording for creators, enabling recorded content with stereo sound
  • Robust connectivity even in very busy RF environments
  • Gaming mode, with 68ms low latency audio and voice back channel
  • Dual-mode, low-power optimized integration of LE Audio
  • Multipoint Bluetooth wireless connectivity
  • 3rd Gen Adaptive Active Noise Cancellation

Bose did not announce which device will integrate the Qualcomm S5 Audio SoCs first. However, when Qualcomm CEO Cristiano Amon asked the Bose CEO Lila Snyder about her favourite Bose product at the event, she said that that product has not launched yet. She added that it will be launching on September 7th, and did not reveal any other details about it.

Based on earlier rumours, the company will announce QuietComfort Earbuds II at the event. This will support Active Noise Canceling (ANC), come with customizations for controls, support equalizer presets and is said to last for up to 6 hours on a single charge.