Apple Working On An External Display For Macs Smart Home Capabilities Report

Apple Working On An External Display For Macs Smart Home Capabilities Report

According to a report by Mark Gurman of Bloomberg, Apple is in the process of developing a new external display for Mac computers that can also function as a smart home display in a low-power mode.

The report further indicates that Apple is exploring other monitor options, possibly intended to serve as direct successors to the Pro Display XDR and Apple Studio Display.

Similar to the Studio Display, the smart display will utilize an iOS device chip, which is not surprising considering its internal A13 chip. However, the software intelligence of the Studio Display is currently limited to camera and speaker system enhancements, such as Center Stage and Spatial Audio.

The ability of the new display to serve as a smart home device in a low-power mode represents a more ambitious and captivating prospect. The recently introduced StandBy feature in iOS 17, which offers a full-screen experience for the iPhone when charging sideways, may provide a glimpse of the smart display software.

StandBy enables users to view glanceable information from a distance, making it ideal for nightstands, counters, and desks. Personalization options include clock styles, favorite photos, widgets (including Smart Stacks), and support for Live Activities, Siri, calls, and larger notifications. The user interface of this StandBy feature in iOS 17 appears to be a natural fit for a dedicated hardware device.

However, Gurman suggests that the release of the new smart monitor is not expected until at least next year. Additionally, there are reports suggesting that the upcoming AirPods from Apple will incorporate health monitoring features and a USB-C port.