Apple Watch Series 8 Could Feature A Bigger 1.99″ Display

Apple Watch Series 8 Could Feature A Bigger 1.99″ Display

As speculation about the arrival of the next Apple Watch grows, Apple is expected to introduce three new models in September. According to analyst Ross Young in a tweet posted on Monday, the 45mm won’t be the largest model available, since Apple intends to introduce a bigger version with roughly 50 mm, or 1.99 inches diagonally. The expert has said before that the new line-up might have three sizes of screen.

Similarly, analyst Jeff Pu stated in a note to investors published by MacRumors that Luxshare, an Apple supplier, will serve as the “single supplier” for a “high-end” 2-inch Apple Watch version this year. It looks like Pu just rounded up the 1.99-inch screen size that Young mentioned in his post.

The 41mm Apple Watch Series 7 has a display size of 1.691 inches, while the 45mm Apple Watch Series 7 has a display size of 1.901 inches. The larger display would provide 0.089-inch more diagonal space than the 45mm Apple Watch Series 7—a nearly 5% increase over the current model.

According to a report from yesterday by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, body-temperature detection will be a part of the Apple Watch Series 8 as well as a new rugged variant. It’s unlikely that this feature will be included in the Apple Watch SE 2, on the other hand. At this time, we don’t know if Apple will offer 41mm, 45mm, and 50mm models or if this has anything to do with the rumoured extreme sports version that will come out in a few months.

Bloomberg’s newsletter claims other hardware upgrades are “probably” minor. The Apple Watch Series 8 is speculated to use the same S6 chip as the Series 6, making it the first Apple Watch to have the same processor for three years in a row. Gurman reportedly heard about upgraded displays in future high-end models, which he believes will be brighter, meaning a bigger screen.

The 50mm Apple Watch could be tied to the rugged model due in the fall, but for now, the Apple Watch Series 8 will offer a bigger screen, body temperature tracking, battery and performance upgrades, and likely a redesign.