Apple Watch Extreme Sports Model Could Be Called Pro Cost $900

Apple Watch Extreme Sports Model Could Be Called Pro Cost $900

According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman’s latest Power On newsletter, the rugged model might be called Pro. He believes the more advanced tracking capabilities for swimming and trekking, a longer battery life, and a bulkier, more durable shell built of a high-end, non-aluminum metal composition will be the “Pro” features of this forthcoming Apple Watch. He went on to say that the company might stop making the Edition version again to make room for this extreme sports option, along with the new Apple Watch SE.

Gurman thinks that the Apple Watch will be branded as a “Pro” in order to expand its line of professional products, which already includes the MacBook Pro, iPad Pro, iPhone Pro, and AirPods Pro. According to his post, the selling point is similar to the one used to promote the current iPhone 13 Pro over the standard iPhone 13.

As already mentioned in his article, the upcoming Apple Watch Pro will also have a new body temperature sensor in addition to the S8 chip, which is the same as on the Apple Watch Series 7 and Series 6 versions. Additionally, as Mark Gurman recalls Apple’s transition from the $17,000 gold Apple Watch to the stainless steel and titanium options, This switch to a more durable Apple Watch, according to him, will also signal the end of the Apple Watch Edition models.

Mark Gurman discussed his forecast for the low-power mode. This new feature, which wasn’t shown at the WWDC 2022 keynote, was reportedly planned by Apple early this year, according to the journalist. He reportedly claims that watchOS 9’s public beta and the low-power mode will both be released this fall.

If the Lockdown Mode in [iOS 16] is any indicator, Apple won’t hesitate to include more functionality in its upcoming operating systems than was anticipated. Notably, Gurman believes that because of its slightly larger display, additional sensors, and higher-end materials, Apple might start closer to $900 or $999.

According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman,

That smartwatch will be designed to appeal to extreme sports athletes and anyone who might otherwise buy a high-end Garmin sports watch for intense workouts. I also think its bigger screen, larger battery and metal design will make it attractive to anyone who simply wants the most advanced Apple Watch.