Apple Announces Final Cut Pro Logic Pro For iPad

Apple announces Final Cut Pro Logic Pro for iPad

Today, Apple has introduced Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro for iPad, providing a fresh opportunity for video and music makers to explore their imagination using advanced features exclusive to the iPad platform.

With the brand-new touch interfaces incorporated into Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro for iPad, users can now streamline their workflows using the intuitive and quick Multi-Touch technology.

Pricing and availability

The Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro are will be available for iPad users via the App Store starting May 23. Users can subscribe to each app for Rs. 499 ($4.99 for US) / month or Rs. 4,999 ($49 for US) / year, with a free one-month trial.

iPad models with M1 chips or later support Final Cut Pro, while those with A12 Bionic chips or later can use Logic Pro. To run these apps on iPad, users must have iPadOS 16.4 installed.

Final Cut Pro for iPad

Final Cut Pro for iPad, which is equipped with an all-new touch interface and intuitive tools. These features open up new workflows for video creators, making the editing process smoother and more accessible. Some of the key features of Final Cut Pro for iPad include:

  • Jog Wheel: The new jog wheel makes the editing process easier than ever and enables users to interact with content in completely new ways.
  • Live Drawing: With Live Drawing, users can draw and write directly on top of video content using Apple Pencil for iPad Pro with M2

  • Pro Camera Mode and Multicam Video Editing: Pro camera mode brings even greater control to the creation process on iPad.
  • Fast Cut Features with Machine Learning: Final Cut Pro for iPad harnesses the power of Apple silicon and machine learning to speed up time-consuming editing tasks.

  • Pro Graphics, Effects, and Audio: Video creators can choose from a vast library of professional graphics, effects, and audio to enhance their storytelling.
  • Import and Export: Editors can import supported media from Files or Photos, and save it directly inside a Final Cut Pro project.

Logic Pro for iPad

An all-in-one music creation app that combines the power of Logic Pro with the portability of the iPad. With intuitive Multi-Touch gestures, music creators can easily play software instruments and navigate complex projects with pinch-to-zoom and swipe-to-scroll.

Plug-in Tiles provide easy access to frequently used controls, making it easy to shape sounds. With built-in microphones, users can capture voice or instrument recordings, and with five studio-quality microphones on iPad Pro, virtually any space can be turned into a recording studio. Some of the features of Logic Pro for iPad include:

  • All-New Sound Browser: This feature uses dynamic filtering to help music creators find the perfect sound whenever inspiration strikes.
  • Professional Instruments and Effects Plug-Ins: With over 100 powerful instruments and effects plug-ins, users can shape the sonic qualities of their music.

  • Beat Making and Production Tools: This feature set includes tools to chop and flip samples, program beats and bass lines, and craft custom drum kits.
  • Pro Mixer: A full-featured mixer with channel strips, volume faders, pan controls, plug-ins, sends, and precise automation gives users everything they need to create a professional mix.

  • Import and Export: Logic Pro for iPad supports roundtrip capabilities, making it easy to move projects between Logic Pro for Mac and iPad.