AMD Ryzen PRO 7000 7040 Series Processors Announced

AMD Ryzen PRO 7000 7040 Series processors announced

AMD Ryzen PRO 7000 7040 Series processors announced

AMD has unveiled its latest Ryzen PRO 7040 Series Mobile processors for desktop, designed specifically for premium Windows 11 business laptops and mobile workstations, after introducing the 7040U series for laptops.

These processors incorporate the advanced “Zen 4” architecture, AMD RDNA 3 integrated graphics, AMD PRO technologies, and select models feature the innovative Ryzen AI.

AMD Ryzen PRO 7000

The Ryzen PRO 7000 Series processors combine high-efficiency “Zen4” cores with integrated RDNA 2 graphics for exceptional professional performance. With up to 12 cores and a boost frequency of 5.4 GHz, they outperform competitors by 48% in productivity tasks. These processors support DDR5 memory, PCIe 5.0 storage, and Wi-Fi 6E for enhanced speed and responsiveness.

Embedded Security and Manageability

The Ryzen Pro 7000 desktop processors offer three SKUs, delivering embedded security and manageability for professionals. Ranging from 6C/12T to 12C/24T models, they ensure data protection and stability. These processors excel in scenarios where data integrity and security are vital.

Specifications and Features of Ryzen Pro 7000 Series Models

The Ryzen Pro 7000 series includes Ryzen 9 Pro 7945, Ryzen 7 Pro 7745, and Ryzen 5 Pro 7645. They offer varying core counts, frequencies, and cache sizes, with a 65W TDP and integrated RDNA 2 graphics. Advanced Pro technologies like Shadow Stack and Memory Guard provide on-chip data protection and real-time encryption.

Ryzen Pro 7000 Series: Advanced Security Technologies

The Ryzen Pro 7000 series processors incorporate advanced security technologies. Features like AMD Shadow Stack and Microsoft Pluton Security processor protect against attacks, while AMD Memory Guard and Secure Processor ensure data integrity. These hardware-level security measures safeguard against physical and software threats.

AMD AM5 Platform and Future Support

Supported by the AMD AM5 platform, Ryzen Pro 7000 desktop processors enable DDR5 memory and future-ready features. While specific chipsets supporting Pro features are undisclosed, AMD guarantees AM5 support for future Ryzen 8000 series processors based on Zen 5 microarchitecture. The AM5 platform ensures long-term compatibility and support until 2026.

AMD Ryzen 7040 HS/U Series

The AMD Ryzen 7040 HS/U series processors are built on advanced 4nm technology, featuring up to 8 “Zen 4” cores and RDNA 3 integrated graphics. These processors deliver exceptional performance and efficiency for business applications, offering up to 18% higher CPU performance and up to 15% better battery life during video conferencing compared to the competition.

Ryzen AI and Enhanced Collaboration

Ryzen AI, the first x86 processor with an integrated AI engine, is available on select processors in the Ryzen 7040 series. This AI engine enhances collaboration experiences on platforms like Microsoft Teams and enables future-proof AI-powered features for productivity, creation, predictive UI, and security. It offers immersive AI experiences for select laptops.

Ryzen Pro 7040HS SKUs

The Ryzen Pro 7040HS series includes high-performance variants, with the Ryzen 9 Pro 7940HS as the top SKU. The processor has 8 “Zen 4” cores, a 4.0 GHz base frequency, a maximum boost frequency of 5.2 GHz, and 16 MB of L3 cache. The Ryzen 7 Pro 7840HS and Ryzen 5 Pro 7640HS offer slightly lower frequencies, but maintain similar specifications.

Ryzen Pro 7040U SKUs

The Ryzen Pro 7040U series focuses on power efficiency while providing performance for on-the-go users. The top SKU, Ryzen 7 Pro 7840U, features 8 cores, a base frequency of 3.8 GHz, and a boost frequency of up to 5.1 GHz. Ryzen 5 Pro 7640U and 7540U offer 6 cores with varying graphics capabilities and core frequencies.

Specifications and TDP

Both the Ryzen Pro 7040HS and 7040U series processors come with 16 MB of L3 cache and deliver excellent performance. The Ryzen Pro 7040HS SKUs have a TDP range of 35 to 54 W, while the Ryzen Pro 7040U SKUs operate at a lower TDP range of 15 to 28 W. These processors provide efficient multitasking and graphics performance.


AMD’s Ryzen Pro 7000 desktop chips and Ryzen Pro 7040HS/U series for notebooks have not yet been confirmed for release or pricing by AMD.

Commenting on the launch, Matthew Unangst, Senior Director, Commercial Client and Workstation, AMD, said:

According to our survey, over half of IT managers (52%) acknowledge lacking the necessary technology infrastructure to support AI workloads. With the introduction of the Ryzen PRO 7040 Series, we address this challenge by providing exceptional performance and extended battery life, catering to the requirements of today’s workforce. Additionally, select models come equipped with a dedicated AI engine, empowering organizations to embrace the AI transformation and meet its demands head-on.