Amazon Fire TV Omni QLED Series 4 New Echo Devices Announced

New Fire TV Omni QLED Series was unveiled by Amazon as a new member of the Fire TV Omni Series and the first TV line to include the brand-new Fire TV Ambient Experience. Amazon has also introduced the Fire TV Cube (3rd Gen) and Alexa Voice Remote Pro in India.

The QLED TV has 4K Quantum Dot Technology (QLED) display, full-array local dimming of up to 96 zones, and compatibility for Dolby Vision IQ and HDR10+ Adaptive for an immersive, cinematic experience. Additionally, you can browse apps, find shows, control playback, and manage the full Ambient Experience with hands-free Alexa.

The Omni QLED Series is the first Fire TV with Ambient Experience, which changes your biggest screen. It offers Alexa Widgets, hands-free music, content discovery, Alexa Routines, and privacy and control. The Omni QLED Series is eco-friendly and has the Climate Pledge Friendly badge.

Fire TV Omni QLED Series specifications

  • Screen Size: 65″ and 75″
  • Display: 3840 x 2160 resolution, 4K UHD, 60 Hz, Quantum Dot Technology
  • HDR10, HLG, HDR10+ Adaptive, Dolby Vision IQ, Full array local dimming
  • Ports: 3 HDMI 2.0 + 1 HDMI 2.1 with eARC; 1 x Ethernet port; 1 x USB 2.0 port
  • OS: Fire TV OS
  • Fire TV Alexa Voice Remote: With Bluetooth v5
  • Digital Optical Audio Output: 1 Digital Optical Audio Port
  • Voice support: Yes, hands-free with Alexa, press and ask Alexa with the Fire TV Alexa Voice Remote or the free Fire TV app (available for download on Fire OS, Android, and iOS).
  • Audi0: 12W + 12W
  • Audio support: Dolby Digital Plus with pass-through of Dolby-encoded audio


Four New Echo Devices

Amazon also unveiled the next-generation Echo Dot and Echo Auto in addition to the Fire TV Omni QLED Series, providing you new ways to extend Alexa’s convenience into every room of your house and your car.

Amazon also showed off a new generation of Echo Dot Kids, which has a new look, major audio improvements for Echo Studio 15, and a lot of new Alexa features, including a new way to use Fire TV.

Echo devices have several privacy controls to protect your privacy. Today’s new devices carry the Climate Pledge Friendly badge. New Echo Dots are Carbon Trust certified and made with 100% post-consumer recycled fabric. Device packaging is 100% recyclable in the U.S.

New Echo Dot and Echo Dot with Clock

The custom full-range driver and highest excursion speaker of any Echo Dot produce crisp vocals and up to double the bass of the previous version. The Echo Dot and Echo Dot with Clock contain new sensors that enable more contextual Alexa experiences, including turning on your smart fan when it’s too warm.

The current generation incorporates an accelerometer for tap gesture controls, so you may tap the top to pause music, reject timers, or end a call. Powered by the AZ2 Neural Edge Processor, Echo Dot and Echo Dot with Clock process more experiences on the edge, resulting in faster answers to tap gestures, ultrasound motion detection, and Alexa queries.

The new Echo Dot with Clock has enhanced high-density dot technology for better readability. You can now ask Alexa for music titles, artists, weather, calculations, calendar event schedules, and more. The Echo Dot and Echo Dot with Clock are the first Echo devices with eero built-in, which improves household Wi-Fi coverage.


Echo Dot Kids

Echo Dot Kids, Amazon’s most popular kids’ smart speaker, has new Owl and Dragon designs and will soon feature new Alexa voices for Amazon Kids+ users. Alexa transforms into a fun, engaging experience for kids by speaking as an owl or dragon.

Amazon Parent Dashboard lets parents set time restrictions, filter explicit tracks, and review activities. Echo Dot Kids includes a two-year worry-free guarantee and a one-year membership to Amazon Kids+, which offers ad-free books, games, movies, Audible books, songs, and Alexa skills.


Echo Studio

The new Echo Studio gets new spatial audio processing and frequency range extension make it even better. Amazon’s spatial audio processing method improves stereo sound by making music and movie soundtracks sound more wide, clear, and present.

It mimics a hi-fi stereo system, so vocal performances are in the centre and stereo-panned instruments are on the sides, creating an immersive sound experience that reproduces the artist’s goal. Frequency range extension technology improves performance, mid-range clarity, and bass. This spatial audio processing method is available on the Echo Show 15 and will be added to other Echo devices in the future.

Echo Auto

Echo Auto has a redesigned, smaller design with an adhesive mount for easier installation. Five microphones hear your demands over music, AC, and road noise. With Echo Auto, you can listen to music, make calls, and obtain roadside help hands-free. Say, “Alexa, call Roadside Assistance” to connect with an agent who can seek aid on your behalf.

Pricing and availability

The new Anazon QLED TVs will be available in the U.S. and Canada at Amazon and Best Buy, with pre-orders starting today. Pre-orders for the latest Echo Dot devices will begin today, and devices will begin shipping next month.

  • The Fire TV Omni QLED Series will be available in 65″ and 75″ sizes for $799.99 (Rs. 65,385 approx.) and $1,099.99 (Rs. 89,820 approx.) respectively.
  • The Echo Dot is available in Deep-Sea Blue, as well as the original Charcoal and Glacier White, for $49.99. (Rs. 4,000 approx.)
  • The Echo Dot with Clock is available in Cloud Blue and the original Glacier White for $59.99 (Rs. 4,820 approx.).
  • Echo Dot Kids is available in all-new Owl and Dragon designs for $59.99. (Rs. 4,820 approx.).
  • Echo Studio is available for $199.99 (Rs. 16,265 approx.) in the new colours Glacier White and Charcoal.
  • Echo Auto will be available for $54.99. (Rs. 4,410) approx.

We can expect the Echo Dot and Dot with Clock to release in India in the future.