AI powered Video Collaboration Platform Suite Qualcomm launches

AI powered Video Collaboration Platform Suite Qualcomm launches

AI powered Video Collaboration Platform Suite Qualcomm launches

Qualcomm has unveiled the Qualcomm Video Collaboration Platform, a comprehensive suite of video collaboration solutions designed for OEMs.

This platform enables easy design and deployment of video conferencing products with superior video and audio quality, as well as customizable on-device AI capabilities. It caters to various environments, including enterprise, healthcare, education, and home settings.

All-in-One Solution for Video Conferencing

The Qualcomm Video Collaboration Platform offers essential hardware and software features specifically tailored for video conferencing. It allows customers to quickly design and deploy a wide range of video conferencing products, including enterprise video collaboration systems, huddle room systems, digital whiteboards, touch controllers, and personal devices for home use.

Flexibility and Customization

With support for Android and Linux, the platform provides greater flexibility and customization options for deploying video conferencing products across diverse environments. Qualcomm Technologies integrates connectivity, compute, AI, audio, and video innovations to boost productivity and minimize distractions.

One notable feature is the ability to provide individual views of participants in a conference room, creating an equal viewing experience for all callers.

Future Advances in Generative AI

The Qualcomm Video Collaboration Platform is future-proofed for advances in generative AI. As meeting experiences continue to evolve, devices with dedicated hardware support for on-chip AI acceleration will optimize video, speech, and text capabilities by splitting workloads between the cloud and edge-based devices.

The Qualcomm Video Collaboration Platform Suite includes three main platforms:

Qualcomm Video Collaboration VC5: Provides premium video conferencing experiences with AI audio and video features tailored for enterprise environments. This platform offers a ready-to-use or customizable reference design for all-in-one conferencing systems. Supporting chipsets include Qualcomm QCS8250, Qualcomm QCS7230, and the upcoming Qualcomm QCS8550.

Qualcomm Video Collaboration VC3: Provides advanced video conferencing capabilities, including support for multiple ultra-HD cameras, Wi-Fi 6E, and AI-powered audio and video features. This platform provides flexibility in designing and deploying video conferencing products for huddle room systems, USB video bars, and personal devices. Supporting chipsets include Qualcomm QCS6490, Qualcomm QCS5430, and Qualcomm QCS610.

Qualcomm Video Collaboration VC1: Combines powerful computing performance, robust connectivity, and multimedia features in a single solution designed for high-quality video conferencing accessories like touch controllers, meeting room schedulers, and tablets. Supporting chipsets include Qualcomm QCS6125 and Qualcomm QCS610.

Ecosystem for Product Development

Qualcomm Technologies has collaborated with various industry experts to create a hardware and software ecosystem for Video Collaboration Platforms. This ecosystem allows customers to jumpstart their own product development, shorten commercialization timelines, and maximize resources by focusing on differentiating features.

You can check out Qualcomm Video Collaboration Platform site for more details.

Speaking at the announcement, Dev Singh, Vice President, Business Development and Head of Building, Enterprise & Industrial Automation, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. said:

Generative Artificial Intelligence is reshaping how we work, learn, and connect, enabling adaptive and immersive experiences. At Qualcomm Technologies, we leverage our expertise in connectivity, compute, AI, camera, and audio to empower today’s collaboration solutions and support future applications. With the Qualcomm Video Collaboration Platform, we provide a comprehensive suite of technologies for our customers to develop various conference