5G Downloads Speeds in India Averaged 16.5 Times Faster Than 4G Opensignal

Opensignal, a data analytics firm that specialises in quantifying mobile network experiences, has shared information about 5G connectivity in India. After two months of 5G rollout, the analysis reveals that 5G already provides a significant improvement in users’ mobile experiences.

According to the report, users in India averaged 242.1 Mbps when connected to 5G, which is 16.5 times faster than the 14.7 Mbps seen with 4G. Furthermore, India’s 5G peak download speed was 690.6 Mbps, which is 11.6 times faster than its 4G peak download speed. When it comes to upload speed, 5G averaged 21.2 Mbps, which is 5.4 times faster than 4G.

The video experience when connected to 5G was also rated by the research firm. This criterion received a “Very Good” (65-75) rating, indicating that users appreciated fast loading times with only minor stalling.

Similarly, the firm rated mobile multiplayer gaming as “fair,” implying that users found the experience to be “average,” with 5G providing a significantly better experience than 4G. With a total score of 67.9 (on a 100-point scale).

Given that the rollout is still in its early stages, this analysis appears to be quite impressive. The current 5G network may be improved in the future.