4 Best Video Streaming Apps For Android 2019

4 Best Video Streaming Apps For Android 2019

1. Netflix

Netflix is the seventh-largest internet company in the world by revenue and also a popular streaming service where you can subscribe and watch TV series and movies on your device like smart TV, laptop, tab or mobile phone. You can enjoy Netflix from anywhere, at any time. Just get the app from the internet and become a member. Netflix is available in almost all countries. It supports 4K, Miracast, smart TVs, Chromecast and game consoles, HDR10 and Dolby vision too. You can get the DVD app for a separate experience where you can receive the actual DVDs and Blu-rays.

Important Features:

* Enjoy original animations, classics, animes, documentaries, movies.
* Get high-quality movies, TV shows, drama on your device.
* Netflix has a growing library of premier programs.
* Enjoy a 30-day free trial and then make a decision.
* Get full proof of parental controls.
* Download and watch the TV episode or movie later without streaming or wasting data.
* Get the list of a new release or upcoming movies here.
* Watch Netflix worldwide with just one subscription.

2. Amazon Prime Video,

Amazon Prime Video is a renowned video streaming app for Android which comes with its Amazon Prime service. It has managed the right from the biggest production houses and thus can show the latest movies online. It has also acquired rights for live sports like NFL, ATP, Premier League. It is a global service. The premium local content and movies are available here, and the prime is the best option for watching the latest HD movies of different languages. Amazon Prime Video is the only video streaming app that doesn’t need Chromecast support.

Important Features:

* Download movies and TV shows using cellular data or Wi-Fi.
* Watch TV channels and movies anywhere, anytime.
* Enjoy thousands of top Bollywood and regional Indian hits.
* Get IMDb information about the songs, actors, and trivia related to the videos during playback with X-Ray.
* Enjoy the first episode of a TV show for free.
* If you become a Prime member, you can subscribe to over 100 premium channels.
* You can stream the TV channels by only paying for those you want to watch.
* Use the catalog to purchase the videos or to rent thousands of titles including new releases.

3. HBO

HBO Now is an on-demand video streaming subscription service and Android TV App where you can instantly access all programs of HBO. The service brings the latest premieres as soon as the air. You can enjoy the HD quality movies and TV series from your favorite device from anywhere at any time. Moreover, you can come across the favorite comedies, thought-provoking documentaries, and many more programs quickly. If you subscribe from one of your devices, you can enjoy any of your communication devices without any difficulty.

Important Features:

* Get an unmatched library of top-notch, original shows.
* It has a vast collection of latest and old movies.
* Covers across a broad genre like comedy, action, drama, horror, and many more.
* Watch the famous premiers and addictive series as soon as they are on air.
* Get new movies each week and also get the news, talk shows, comedy shows, documentaries and many more.
* Enjoy the excellent streaming performance of HBO Now.
* Watch on your tablet, cell phone, connected TV, or gaming device.
* You can enjoy it without any ads.

4. Hulu

Price: Free trial / $5.99 and $39.99 month

Hulu is one of the best diverse video streaming apps. It has the current streaming experience with a bunch of old TV shows, movies, anime, and other material. Hulu also offers live television for $39.99 per month. The $39.99 per month price also covers regular Hulu material. That kills two birds with one stone. Their selections are fairly diverse. The service also offers over 50 channels with an option to expand that for extra money. It should work for most people. It does come with a free trial as well as.